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Friday, 26 August 2011

What's In Your Bag - Rachel Crawford

Our 'What's In Your Bag' guest blogger this week is Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic!

This is my gorgeous Accessorize bag that my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas, it was filled with bags of Flumps which are my favourite sweeties. I take this bag with me everywhere, as the colour is so versatile and neutral colours are my 'thing' so to speak. So now I have introduced you all to my bag, lets have a look at what's inside my bag...

Like every girl I always without a doubt carry my purse with me, I usually have some cash and of course the loved and battered debit card along with all of my other cards such as NUS, Boots, Tesco and yeah you get the picture. I brought this purse from Spoiled Brat as I had a £25 voucher to spend with them and as soon as I saw this I fell in love with it and knew I had to have it. Bambi was my favourite movie as a child and I still love it to this day :)

Criss-cross, More! magazine, pens and a packet of strawberry chocolate drops, these keep me going during a break at work or when I am on the bus into town. I have read More! magazine ever since I can remember and buy it every week, it is always in my handbag for a quick read and pick me up. I am quite sad when it comes to puzzles, I love a good old criss-cross challenge I am probably not that good at doing them without a little help to start with but once I get going I cannot stop.

The Body Shop Lip Butter - in Pink Grapefruit I am a huge fan of anything that has this scent so when I saw this in the shop I had to have it, it really does keep my lips so soft and has a slight hint of colour too which is always a bonus. My compact mirror was brought for me at Christmas from Liam's parents, they sure do know me so well as I love anyhting sparkly and leopard print effect, a compact mirror is a must in any girls bag. A handy packet of tissues, well just because you never know where might not have any toilet paper.

Random Question : Do you have any secret embarrassing celeb crushes?
Richard Hammond - Because he is just so small and cute and the power he has with cars ;)
Michael McIntyre - Mainly because he is funny and I love a person who can make me laugh
Phillip Scofield - WOW, No idea why and oh my goodness this has to be the hang my head in shame right now moment
Shane Richie - Mainly because of his cheeky character Alfie Moon in Eastenders, in fact it is probably Alfie Moon that I like the most!

Thank you to Louise for letting me do a Guest Blog spot on her blog and I hope you have all enjoyed reading and having a snoop into my bag.
Lots of love Rachel
Life of a Sweetaholic


Don't forget to check out Rachel's blog!
(I am looking for contributors for this weekly feature so if you are interested please send me an email on outlining a post similar to the one above!)

(Note - much like Laura's guest blog, this will feature every other week. Laura was unable to submit her guest post this week as she was on holiday! So one week Laura's post will feature, the following a 'What's in Your Bag' guest post, then vice versa!)


  1. Aww thanks for this post hun. It really does look brilliant :) Have got a post going up on my blog for my readers to come and have a look too xxx

  2. nice post. i lovee your bag x

  3. The bag is just gorgeous and your purse is the cutest, but I can't believe this is ALL that you carry in your bag! Mine is stuffed full of useless things that I never remember to take out! xxx

  4. Thanks girls :) ♥ ♥

    At the time that I did the post my bag was pretty much empty but now it is filled with work books, a diary and much more!! I am surprised my handles haven't broken hehe!! xxx


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