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Friday, 19 August 2011

What's In My Bag

They say a man should never look in a woman's handbag because a handbag is usually where somebody's true colours are usually revealed! Here's what's in my bag and hopefully this will tell you a little bit more about me.

This is my day to day bag that I bought from River Island for £50. At the time I was at uni and one day a week I had work straight after uni too so inside I had to have books, stationary, my work uniform etc. All my other bags used to break from too much stuff being inside! I really love this bag but I always over fill it so I can't even wear it on my shoulder, usually you'll find me walking around with it hanging from the inside of my arm like I belong in a sitcom or I'm American!

This is what you can find inside most days - aka a lot!

This is my purse, my iPod nano and my smartphone. My iPod nano is something I rely on a lot lately when I listen to music during my long days at work. I have a real different mix of music on there from soft rock to dance and dubstep. At the moment my most listened to artists would have to be Jason Derulo, Ke$ha and Cobra Starship. I'm usually pretty behind with music unfortunately but I love nothing more than gigging it or listening to my iPod in my own little world.
My phone is an LG GT450 that my brother got me for my 21st birthday, although I broke it a week later by getting the end of a pair of earphones jack thing stuck in the top. So it constantly registers as earphones being in now, meaning I can't listen to music/media and I have to put my phone on speakerphone in a phone call! I also have loads of really random apps like Google Sky Map, Trend Tracker and Barcode Scanner. My most used apps would be Abduction! World Attack, Movies and Brain Genius Deluxe.

These are my keys consisting of my key for down here and I still have my keys for up north for some reason. Yes, that's a Shia Labeouf keyring! The toy story alien and cat woman keyrings are from my brother and the pink skull is from a notebook I own. I lost this keyring once, then three months later found it outside a house about three doors down from me, which was really random. The other thing I got sent from Jack Wills when I did a post about their summer collection launch in their Durham store. I used to have loads of keyrings from Freshers and my holiday from Salou too..

On the left is my diary planner which I always keep with me to help keep me organised. My sister got me it as a smaller gift for Christmas and it even has really cute stickers inside! On the left is a gift from one of my best friends from when she was on holiday. It's just a plain notebook (for jotting down ideas/lists or for if I ever bump into a celebrity and want their autograph!) and I was obsessed with Egypt when I was younger so thats why it's Egyption.

These are from a small make up bag and this is usually basic makeup and whatever I'm wearing that day, so as you can see here a blusher, lip gloss etc. I also always have my Benefit 'Justine Case' palette (seen in second photo) with me as it has everything you need to top up your makeup on the go! Depending on the day, I sometimes bring along my 'Smoke Eyes' kit from Benefit too.

I always carry around a magazine (usually More! or Cosmo) incase I'm ever bored and usually a book too - which at the moment is Shopaholic Ties The Knot by Sophia Kinsella. I'm also carrying around 'Wreck This Journal' at the moment (google it!).

This is my purse, I bought this for my Mum years ago but she never used it so she gave it to me. I still have a picture of me and the ex in here which needs replacing when I can find another photo that can fit!

This is my ridiculous amount of pointless cards I have (excluding my bank card/national insurance card). So this is - Boots advantage card (I still have 500 points to collect), a nectar card despite never stepping foot in Sainsburys in my life (but you never know), my Tesco clubcard (I don't use it anymore though because a) I'm back with my parents so they do the food shopping and b) someone kept stealing my clubcard points somehow!!!), a milkshake card for a milkshake shop up north (gutted I didn't get only two more stamps for my free milkshake before I left!), a Waterstones card, a casino card, a subway card and a HMV card. Also in my purse are a ridiculous amount of receipts. 

You can also see from the top photo I also carry round a hair brush, Soap & Glory hand food, an emergency energy drink, my passport as I.D, a pen and a gig ticket.

So there you have it, my day to day bag and what you can find inside!

Random fact about me - Whenever I've finished watching a movie, I always look it up on Wikipedia. This is usually to check I understand the storyline (as I rarely ever do), see if I was correct in guessing what other films some of the more unknown actors/actresses in the film have been in (I'm always right) and to read up random facts about the film.

(I am looking for contributors for this weekly feature so if you are interested please send me an email on outlining a post similar to the one above!)

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