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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Yellow Smock Dress, £45.00, River (web exclusive)

Mustard Yellows are extremely in this summer/winter and are the perfect shade to stand out. This particular shade is very show stopping so should be used sparingly. This dress is perfect for that transition from summer to winter ; wear it as it is with nude heels or wedges this summer or add some grey knee high socks and a cute waistcoat for when the weather starts getting chilly. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and spot on for style. At almost £50 it may seem a little steep, especially as it isn't a versatile colour, but with a bit of creativity to get the proper use out of the dress, perhaps the price tag will be worth it!

Ladies 2in1 Belted Dress, £24.00, Peacocks

It's not actually always easy to put clothes together and work out what goes with what, especially when it comes to printed skirts or tops in less versatile shades. That's why I like these type of items and this dress is no exception. It comes as it is - even with a belt - and there's no need to add or remove anything to add to the look. At £24.00 it's a real bargain. Lovely tanned coloured heels would really suit this dress!

High Waisted Shorts, £19.99, New Look

Chocolate brown is also very much in this year (perfect for winter) and goes extremely well alongside mustard yellow. Brown can also go with a lot of things easily. These really cute high waisted shorts are very stylish right now, I would without a doubt suggest teaming them with a bright mustard yellow top. If you're feeling really brave, wear a cream vest top with them and instead swap brogues for a pair of mustard yellow heels.

MOTO Denim Western Crop Jacket, £42.00, Topshop

I really, really love this eye catching jacket and again think it would go perfectly with all the browns and creams that are in at the moment. Like a lot of the current trends, you'd definitely need the confidence to pull this off but this is definitely a wishlist item!

Pearl Bracelet With Bow Detail In Peach, £7.00,

I adore this bracelet - it's so girly! I just had to add this as my final 'Wednesday Wishlist' item. I think this is the perfect accessory to add to any outfit - a lot of the time it's hard to remember to keep something a little bit feminine when it comes to choosing what to wear but with this bracelet on your wrist at all times you will always have that girly/feminine touch. It's also ever so slightly romantic. This bracelet is very much like something you'd find in Accessorize but at a much cheaper price!

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