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Monday, 29 August 2011

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week of 22nd - 28th August 2011
(Note, I'm posting this a tad late as I've had a busy weekend!)

Blink 182 - Always
I used to love drawing and I found this picture I drew from an image I found on the internet which was taken from/based on one of my favourite songs/music videos. I've never been amazingly good at drawing but I've always been quite proud of this.

Pete Wentz ;)
I also found this, an 'academic year diary' we had to use in college...we had to decorate it too and I of course stuck a photo of Pete Wentz topless on the front. I used this diary for the most random crap too, not just academic stuff, I'd write in dates I was going on and the lot.

The Old Watermill
I love this place, its an old stored watermill thing but its set out like a little village filled with different quirky shops, its so pretty and it looks amazing at Christmas. They do it all up with snow and a grotto and everything!

Rainbow :)
Its pretty!

Rock Amigos
This is me and my bestie last night before a night out. I rarely ever see her but we always have a laugh when we catch up, it was a really good night! The only down side was that I was completely out of it, I couldn't walk! I'm convinced it was the shoes though as I was wobbling all over the place, when I took them off I was fine! I also bumped into my first ex boyfriend, I was fine with that as I looked pretty good (even if I do say so myself) at the start of the night when I spoke to him. However by an hour later I was falling over and everything, I hope he didn't see me in my drunken state!

I've had a nice week, it's meant to be on the down low but I suppose I can say my love life is looking up! Work has been dragging, the early mornings are killing me :( I stayed around my sisters on Saturday night and it was a fun night. We went out for Nando's with her boyfriend then came home and watched what turned out to be a French film which she didn't know at the time of ordering. But it was really good actually, albeit odd! 

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  1. Loved this post!!
    I love love love Pete Wentz, he is a hottie!! xxx


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