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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Celebrity Big Brother House 2011

Do you watch reality TV? Perhaps you enjoy shows such as 'The Only Way Is Essex' or 'The X Factor' but struggle to put up with the contestants in Big Brother. Although I am not a fan, I will watch the first night, just to judge what fitties are going in..! Nonetheless, whether you are a fan or not, people are often eager to find out what the house will look like for the upcoming series.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the new house, it has that real stylish edge to it but also seems a little bit romantic and spa-like!

Here are some photos of the house from the upcoming series -

The stairs that lead into the house, very bright with a relaxing aquatic theme. The diary room is hidden behind the silver panels.

These photos show the kitchen and the living area ; all open plan!

My personal favourite - the bedroom! Very glamourous and romantic, with gorgeous chic beds which I imagine to be very comfy.

Although I love the pink, I'm not too keen on the bathroom - where's the privacy?!

This year the Big Brother house also has a gym. I hope we get to see some good looking men getting sweaty, working out topless...

And finally the garden. For once the swimming pool looks possibly long enough to actually swim in properly, and the bridge is a really cute touch.


  1. house looks lovely! I think i'll watch it :) love a bit of junk TV :L xx

  2. Haha I'm addicted to junk TV, especially daytime TV like Jeremy Kyle! Thanks for the comment and for checking out the blog :) xxx


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