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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Upcoming Films

I'm a massive film buff and I often find that at 3am, when I'm browsing the internet unable to sleep, I end up on Youtube checking out the latest film trailers or upcoming films. There are loads that I'm looking forward to lately, and I think you readers will fancy seeing them too! Here's a pick of some of the best ones I can't wait to see.

Release date : 30th September 2011

This light hearted romcom starring Anna Faris and the lush Chris Evans is about Ally's (Anna Faris) plan to never sleep with another man again until she's sure he is the one. Not wanting to go over the predicted number of how many men a women should sleep with before they meet their future husband, Ally begins to look up all of her ex's with the hope of finding the love of her life. Teamed with womaniser Colin (Chris Evans) her mission to find a date for her sister's wedding reveals a lot of laughs as she realises her ex's have just gotten better since they were together!

Anna Faris is hilarious and it's refreshing to see her finally getting away from that 'ditzy blonde' role she has previously been stereotyped in. The gorgeous Chris Evans offers eye candy through out the film, and  I think I fell in love when I saw him playing the guitar in the trailer. Chris Evans with a guitar? Yummy! This film also features the very funny Andy Samberg of comedy group The Lonely Island (who's hits include 'Jizz in My Pants' and 'Like a Boss')!

This film may be your typical searching for love romcom (lets face it, we all know who Ally is going to end up with!) but its brimming with eye candy and I think it's going to be a really funny feel good film. 
Check out the trailer below!

Release Date : 10th February 2012

The vow is a romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Need I say more? If it's a drama and it stars Rachel McAdams, you just know it's going to be good!

Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) are a deeply in love newly wed couple. However, when they are involved in a terrible car accident, Paige wakes up unable to remember her identity - and her marriage. Leo must help her remember who she is and vows to make his wife fall in love with him all over again.

This is definitely going to be a tear jerker!

Release Date : 29th July 2011

Featuring an all star cast, this adult romance drama tells the story of what love means to a variety of different characters. When Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) finds out his wife (Julianne Moore) has cheated on him, its a shock to the system. Having not dated in years, soon his evenings are filled with him sulking at a local bar, until he meets womanizing player Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Jacob teaches Cal how to get women, whilst taking on the role of wingman. Cal cannot change how he feels about his wife however, despite a life makeover. Jacob finds his game plan changing as he falls in love with Hannah (Emma Stone), who refuses his charms but takes a chance on him anyway. 

I really can't wait for this movie, with another small storyline based around Cal's son having a crush on his older babysitter, there really is something for everyone. This film has everything ; romance, comedy, drama and again, eye candy! I have to admit, I never understood the obsession with Ryan Gosling until this movie (and, erm, his six pack from the trailer). I suppose this just goes to prove that nobody can resist the bad boy role! 

It looks like a really great movie and with such a talented cast, you can't say no to this film.

Release Date : 5th August 2011

Yes, it's been done a million times before, and yes, there surely aren't going to be many surprises. But lets face it, the storyline still looks good and it stars Ryan Reynolds so any bets it's going to be a darn right funny film.

Jason Bateman plays Dave, a family man who's life is spent looking after his kids. Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch, who seems to be living the single life to the full, having a different girl every night. One night, when peeing in a (magic?) fountain, they exclaim they would love each others life. Bam. The next morning, they wake up as each other.

This film is from the director of Wedding Crashers, and the writers of The Hangover and with the comedian genius that is Ryan Reynolds, it's going to be hilarious. Definitely one to watch with your boyfriend for brownie points.

Release Date : 17th August 2011

Yes, it's the type of film your Dad would want to see. In fact, why don't you go with your parents? When was the last time you went to the cinema with your parents (I go all the time, it saves missing out on something I want to see because I'm single, and they usually pay for my ticket :) )? Anyway, back to the film...this sci-fi action packed movie stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Set in 1873 in Arizona, it tells the story of cowboy Jake (played by Daniel Craig. Btw? He looks yummy as a cowboy!) who has no memory of his past when he wakes up in the dessert. He's also sporting a weird device on his wrist. He enters a town called Absolution which is run by Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and we soon find out that Jake is a wanted man. When aliens attack, however, they must work together to make a stand.

It is based on the 2006 graphic novel/comic of the same name created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. The trailer looks really good, it looks like its going to be filled with action and genuinely has a straight to the point simple but powerful storyline (which is rare in films these days).

Plus if Daniel Craig as a cowboy doesn't do it for you then there's always Harrison Ford if you like older men (and who didn't fancy him in the early Indiana Jones days?!).

So there you have it, here is a list of some of the best upcoming movies that I think you will all love. I am considering of making this a monthly feature where I talk about/announce some of the best films due out that month. Let me know what you guys think!

(Please note I have used the UK release dates, this will obviously be different for other countries!)

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