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Friday, 1 July 2011

Transformers : Dark Of The Moon Review

I've not long been back from the cinema where I saw Transformers : Dark Of The Moon and here's what I thought!

If you don't know the storyline, its all about this covered up secret from when a transformer crashed on the moon, but of course this was covered up to the public. It's later revealed that this transformer had the key to stopping the war on Cybertron - the Pillars. The Autobots find the Pillars with means to protect them but the Decepticons want the Pillars for evil - of course. So begins a war, with the humans all in the middle.

This eagerly awaited sequel (which is also actually the last film in the series) was excellent! It was jam packed with heart stopping action (there was more action in this film then the last two) and also had some really good comedy and romance moments. Shia Labeouf, who plays the main character Sam Witwicky, stated that this film offered what the last film lacked - heart. The storyline was easy to follow, and there are some really amazing special effects that make you gasp out loud.

In terms of Rosie Hunginton-Whiteley taking over Megan Fox as Sam's love interest - I wasn't too keen on her. It was whispered that one of the reasons that Megan Fox quit the series was because she didn't like the way she was portrayed as a woman in the films, the way she came across more as eye candy than an actress. I didn't think it was a good idea to use an underwear model to replace her, who hasn't acted before in her life. Rosie's acting wasn't terrible, I just personally don't believe there was much chemistry between her and Shia in their roles, especially compared to the chemistry displayed between Shia and Megan. However, Shia has recently kind of admitted that he and Megan hooked up when filming the first two films, so maybe this is why!

I don't think it felt right without Megan Fox, the storyline behind why Sam now had a new girlfriend was only touched upon briefly. And considering that the first film was all about winning her as a girlfriend and getting her to like him, and the second being about how their relationship has been through a lot, it felt a bit silly that it was brushed off so easily.

Shia Labeouf was excellent. And I'm not just saying that because I fancy him. A lot of people have been giving him a hard time on his acting lately because of the bad reviews that the last Indiana Jones film received (which also starred Shia). But in this film, Shia was really good, his acting was great and his character is really heart warming. Shia really portrayed some raw emotion in this film as an actor and that's one of the reasons I think this film worked so well.

I thought the film had much more comedy than the last two which was good because it meant there was something for everyone. The one thing I didn't like is that Sam's parents didn't appear much in this film as they are especially funny! Women will definitely like this film and despite being an action film I don't think it's a film just for men. I have loved the whole Transformers series from start to finish and would eventually love to see another one years and years for now but in the meantime I think they have gone as far as they can with this story. The storyline for this final film was really good though and I would recommend this to everyone!

In terms of 3D - I didn't actually see it in 3D as the 3D showing was full and I had heard that it wasn't very good in 3D. Similarly, when I returned home, I was told a lot of people have said it is good in 3D so I can't really comment. But, it was very action packed and really good in 2D!

Finally, in terms of hot totty, Shia LaBeouf looks sexy as always and there are scenes with him in a suit in the film. Josh Duhamel was also pretty to look at and this film also newly starred Patrick Dempsey too!

I give this film 4.5 stars out of 5! I missed off that last .5 just because of the character change!

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