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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week of 20th - 26th June 2011

On Tuesday I went into London with my brother and his fiance Claire. We went to a gig to see a band called Gomez in the evening, but we headed down early and spent the day walking around Camden which is a really cute, quirky part of London based around Camden Lock. You can't see much here but the view was pretty, there was this gorgeous little food court and everywhere you turn you find little vintage boutiques. I was in love!

Milton Keynes
My Nan took me to Milton Keynes this week (Milton Keynes is about a half hour drive away from me and one of my favourite places) which has a massive shopping centre. We got loads of bargains! This is the view from on top of the car park - this is The Escape which has all sorts inside. It has a snow slope, a cinema, a climbing wall, restaurants - it's really cool. And its weird shaped, as you can see. You can see it for miles.

Weird Frog Thing
This is inside the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, it's meant to be for kids as the machine does some weird trick whilst playing music and the frog blows bubbles but quite frankly I think its freaky. Me and my friend Nichola used to have loads of jokes about it when we were little. I really hate this thing, look at its eyes! 

This is why I shouldn't cook explanation necessary. 

..and this is why I no longer want to have my own place
Home alone this week and I had to deal with this...lovely!

He does not look amused!

Hot diggity dog!
My yummy lunch today!

Wreck This Journal
I picked this up today and well...I'm so inspired. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this little journey is, but expect a blog post (or challenge :P) about it soon. 

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