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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week of 13th - 19th June 2011

Passing through York :)
Every time I travel between Luton and Sunderland, whether it be by coach or train, I always pass through York. I'd always be mesmerized about how gorgeous this pretty little town was and always dreamed of spending a weekend away there. I finally did in February this year, so now when I pass through it always brings me back lots of memories - and I always take a photo! 

Yet another picture of yet more cupcakes baked by my Mum haha! These love heart esque cupcakes were for my Dad's birthday, and on the top said things like 'UR HOT'. They were yummy too!

My friends dog Jack
I met up with two of my best friends this week and although it was only for an hour it was really nice. This is a photo of my friends dog Jack who is crazy and over hyper active. 

I picked this up in the bargain bin at Tesco's (we were stocking up on food for me, my parents are away for the week) and had to take a picture. It's my favourite meal in the whole world, and how cute is the packaging too?

My baby Jasper!
This is my dog Jasper! He always jumps on top of me when I'm relaxing and basically pushes me of off my seat..I love coming home and seeing him.

This was when I fed the fish today. Not very interesting, but this picture is partly to remind me to feed them once a day because normally I forget. My dad built/made this pond himself, although I've always said it should be turned into a hot tub!


  1. Jasper and Jack look so cute and that is a lovely pond. My dad built a pond in our garden too and I would love it to be a hot tub, but oh well, we can dream...following you.


  2. Thank you! :) Will follow you back now xxx


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