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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Look Of The Week - Sunday Dinner

It was so hot today that we decided to eat outside and swapped our usual roast dinner to a salad and bits. It's the first proper meal I've had all week as my parents have been on holiday to the south of France and I can't cook to save my life - I just snack or eat random things like party sausage rolls for dinner! They arrived back last night though and it's been nice having them back.

I just really chose anything today as it was so hot, I wanted something light and little. I chose this dress as it's new - in actual fact my Nan bought me it when she was shopping with my cousin and I was pleasantly surprised! I don't normally wear dark colours and I don't think I own a thing with green in it so it was a nice change. I think it went well with my dark hair. I didn't really bother with many accessories and as we've just been in the back garden, I didn't bother with shoes either! In the end I really wish I'd worn my hair up because it's been so hot, but at the same time I like it down because as I said I think my dark hair goes with it.

Outfit :

Dress : Primark (£2! £2 can you believe it!)

Make Up :

Foundation : Colour Supplement in Light Yellow from LUSH and L'oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Eyeliner : Smokin' liner from Benefit's Smokin' Eyes kit
Mascara :  Rimmel London Glam' Eyes Day 2 Night 
Blusher : Thrrrob by Benefit
Lipstick : unknown
Nails : Models Own Blooboo and Instant Nail Effects by Barry M 

Accessories :

Bow : Primark
Bracelets : Unknown (stole them off my sister!)

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