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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Help me get my dream job!

As you all may know, I love fashion. This hasn't always been the case though. When I was younger, I struggled with fashion as I didn't know what was right for me or how to pull certain looks off. As I grew up though, I slowly learned. Taking inspiration from my sister (erm and stealing old clothes that didn't fit her anymore!) along with studying Fashion Jouralism, I finally found myself learning. Although I still make the odd mistakes now and again, thats why I love fashion. I love how personal it can be to someone - finding out why they dress that particular way or the funny stories they have about old looks.

I'd really love a job in fashion and is currently offering that opportunity. The winner of this competition will attend fashion shows, help offer style advice, create their own line and more. And I would really love this chance!

If anyone could spare a minute to vote for me (it's really simple!) I would appreciate it so much!

You can vote for me here..and if I win, I promise to blog about every single moment!

Thank you in advance!

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