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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The team at Funky Divaa have yet another competition for you all! This time you have the chance to win a summer outfit OF YOUR CHOICE from their website!

All you have to do is email Melissa at, quoting SUMMER1 in the subject line to win.

Enter by 5pm tomorrow for your entry to be counted!

Don't forget that by using the code LOUISE15 at the checkout you can receive 15% discount when shopping at!

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If you're into your edgy stuff like me then you'll love this deal. Punkyfish stock a lot of alternative clothing that is still stylish and girly - I've always liked their stuff. At the moment you can use a code to get £10 off (no minimum spend) and they are also offering free delivery!

The code is WELCOME10! Simply just sign up for an account at and they will send you the code, or if you'd rather not enter your mobile number, just use the code at check out.

Special thanks to Victoria's Vintage blog who first posted about this. I adore alternative, edgy clothing so this is perfect for me!

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

It was so hot today that we decided to eat outside and swapped our usual roast dinner to a salad and bits. It's the first proper meal I've had all week as my parents have been on holiday to the south of France and I can't cook to save my life - I just snack or eat random things like party sausage rolls for dinner! They arrived back last night though and it's been nice having them back.

I just really chose anything today as it was so hot, I wanted something light and little. I chose this dress as it's new - in actual fact my Nan bought me it when she was shopping with my cousin and I was pleasantly surprised! I don't normally wear dark colours and I don't think I own a thing with green in it so it was a nice change. I think it went well with my dark hair. I didn't really bother with many accessories and as we've just been in the back garden, I didn't bother with shoes either! In the end I really wish I'd worn my hair up because it's been so hot, but at the same time I like it down because as I said I think my dark hair goes with it.

Outfit :

Dress : Primark (£2! £2 can you believe it!)

Make Up :

Foundation : Colour Supplement in Light Yellow from LUSH and L'oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Eyeliner : Smokin' liner from Benefit's Smokin' Eyes kit
Mascara :  Rimmel London Glam' Eyes Day 2 Night 
Blusher : Thrrrob by Benefit
Lipstick : unknown
Nails : Models Own Blooboo and Instant Nail Effects by Barry M 

Accessories :

Bow : Primark
Bracelets : Unknown (stole them off my sister!)

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Week of 20th - 26th June 2011

On Tuesday I went into London with my brother and his fiance Claire. We went to a gig to see a band called Gomez in the evening, but we headed down early and spent the day walking around Camden which is a really cute, quirky part of London based around Camden Lock. You can't see much here but the view was pretty, there was this gorgeous little food court and everywhere you turn you find little vintage boutiques. I was in love!

Milton Keynes
My Nan took me to Milton Keynes this week (Milton Keynes is about a half hour drive away from me and one of my favourite places) which has a massive shopping centre. We got loads of bargains! This is the view from on top of the car park - this is The Escape which has all sorts inside. It has a snow slope, a cinema, a climbing wall, restaurants - it's really cool. And its weird shaped, as you can see. You can see it for miles.

Weird Frog Thing
This is inside the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, it's meant to be for kids as the machine does some weird trick whilst playing music and the frog blows bubbles but quite frankly I think its freaky. Me and my friend Nichola used to have loads of jokes about it when we were little. I really hate this thing, look at its eyes! 

This is why I shouldn't cook explanation necessary. 

..and this is why I no longer want to have my own place
Home alone this week and I had to deal with this...lovely!

He does not look amused!

Hot diggity dog!
My yummy lunch today!

Wreck This Journal
I picked this up today and well...I'm so inspired. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this little journey is, but expect a blog post (or challenge :P) about it soon. 

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I just thought I'd let you all know about a really great competition are running at the moment!

If you'd like the chance to win a 'Weekend Essentials' goody bag worth £50 from the team at Funky Divaa then all you have to do is follow them on twitter @funkydivaacom and RETWEET the following message:

"Help us get to 500 followers to win a fab ‘Weekend Essentials' goody bag ..... Follow @funkydivaacom and RT to enter xxx #giveaway"

If you are a lucky winner you will find this amazing goody bag filled with all your essential fashion and beauty items.

Good luck!

Don't forget that by using the code LOUISE15 at the checkout you can receive 15% discount when shopping at!

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Just thought I'd let you all know that I'll be doing a few guest blogs over the next month or so :) So please keep your eye out on the following blogs to see a few of my posts up on their blogs soon!

And if you are not following them already, please do :)

I have also began to write for Stylehop! This fashion blog keeps you up to date on all the latest fashion from how to pull off new trends to street style. I will be doing five posts a week on Stylehop so keep your eye out on here too!

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Queen of chick lit Lindsey Kelk has not disappointed with her new novel, The Single Girls To-Do List. It ticks all the boxes ; its light hearted, its funny, its romantic, the characters are loveable and its inspiring. You couldn't wish for anymore.

The Single Girls To-Do List tells the story of Rachel Summers who embarks on a life makeover after her boyfriend of five years dumps her out of the blue. Instead of moping around in the flat that they own though, Rachel's two best friends - the feisty Emelie and drop dead gorgeous but unfortunately gay Matthew come to the rescue. Together they devise a to-do list for the new singleton, which, instead of just featuring ways to get over her ex, it changes Rachel's whole life - for the better.

My favourite part of this book was how much I could personally relate to the main character Rachel. Who hasn't fallen into the typical routine with their other half and, without realising it, stopped making the effort? More importantly, who hasn't 'settled' at one time in their life? With her ridiculous amount of memorabilia that lines her flat walls to wasting hundreds of pounds on underwear, I could definitely see some of myself in Rachel. I think this is because Lindsey Kelk is young for an author (or at least she looks young from her photo!) and I've often found a lot of authors are older, giving their characters traits that we cannot always relate to, or writing the love interest as someone we wouldn't actually fancy at our age!

The two other main characters, Emelie and Matthew, are also very loveable, creating the perfect mix between taking chances but not going overboard!

I cannot count how many times I laughed out loud at this book, there were so many moments that were so funny but so realistic. This book was so well written that it was filled with a blend of hilarious scenarios and heart warming messages. I think this book was also a slight coming-of-age book in that Rachel has to adjust to being single in so long. However, along the way she also finds herself and learns how to be more independent.

The best thing about this book was how inspiring it was - it immediately wanted me to take a notebook and make my own to-do list of all the things I'd like to do with my life. I adore the messages behind this book too - it teaches you to never, ever settle on what makes you 'content' and instead go for the stuff that makes you really head over heels ecstatic. It also teaches you that giving your life a makeover certainly helps getting over a break up, but you can certainly make do with some close friends and a bottle of vodka!

If you're a fan of the I heart...books then you will definitely love this one. It is written in a similar matter - Lindsey Kelk has a special noticeable way of writing that is always inspiring - but is still completely different to the I heart...books. I loved that Jenny from the I heart...books also made a sneaky appearance!

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Following yesterdays Wednesday Wishlist post - featuring Funky Divaa - I have been given a discount code exclusively for my readers to use!

The code is LOUISE15 and this will give you 15% discount when you enter the code at check out!

As well as posting this, I have also added the code to my previous post :)

Thank you Funky Divaa!

Happy shopping!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

As you all may know, I love fashion. This hasn't always been the case though. When I was younger, I struggled with fashion as I didn't know what was right for me or how to pull certain looks off. As I grew up though, I slowly learned. Taking inspiration from my sister (erm and stealing old clothes that didn't fit her anymore!) along with studying Fashion Jouralism, I finally found myself learning. Although I still make the odd mistakes now and again, thats why I love fashion. I love how personal it can be to someone - finding out why they dress that particular way or the funny stories they have about old looks.

I'd really love a job in fashion and is currently offering that opportunity. The winner of this competition will attend fashion shows, help offer style advice, create their own line and more. And I would really love this chance!

If anyone could spare a minute to vote for me (it's really simple!) I would appreciate it so much!

You can vote for me here..and if I win, I promise to blog about every single moment!

Thank you in advance!

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Monday, 20 June 2011

By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

Little Wenlock Village Hall... go on, google it, you know you want to!

This is the place that we went to see for our venue. Not the first, might I remind you, but one of many that we made the trek back to Shropshire for. I must be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting much, as the village is very small and in the middle of nowhere, quite literally at the bottom of the Wrekin and in the heart of the fields. It was also found by Rob, who isn’t known for his treasure hunting skills!

Being the nosey type, we arrived early to have the chance to explore. You can’t describe the outside of the place as beautiful, but it’s surrounded by countryside and has abundant car parking. With some fairy lights and some tall pedestals of flowers, I think it will look lovely. The inside is what makes it great. Nice entrance hall, one huge large main hall and a smaller reception room. A large well equipped kitchen and clean toilets. Rob was taken immediately, but I wasn’t sure.

Imagine girls, that you walk into what is essentially a posh sports hall, complete with the wooden flooring and large curtains. Wouldn’t your heart sink slightly? However, remembering that we can’t afford a castle, my logical brain kicked in: the place is large enough, local to the church (hard to find in the middle of the countryside!) and the price was very tempting. I consulted my bible which said that as long as the place ticked the boxes, you can change what the place looks like with lots of flowers and decoration. I agreed, and spent the next hour – much to the annoyance of Rob and the grounds manager – taking photos and trying to decide what we could do to hide the ugly yellow curtains.

So, now we have put a deposit down on our venue, what is next on the huge ‘to-do’ list? Ah yes... the invites!

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding by the future Mrs Burke
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week of 13th - 19th June 2011

Passing through York :)
Every time I travel between Luton and Sunderland, whether it be by coach or train, I always pass through York. I'd always be mesmerized about how gorgeous this pretty little town was and always dreamed of spending a weekend away there. I finally did in February this year, so now when I pass through it always brings me back lots of memories - and I always take a photo! 

Yet another picture of yet more cupcakes baked by my Mum haha! These love heart esque cupcakes were for my Dad's birthday, and on the top said things like 'UR HOT'. They were yummy too!

My friends dog Jack
I met up with two of my best friends this week and although it was only for an hour it was really nice. This is a photo of my friends dog Jack who is crazy and over hyper active. 

I picked this up in the bargain bin at Tesco's (we were stocking up on food for me, my parents are away for the week) and had to take a picture. It's my favourite meal in the whole world, and how cute is the packaging too?

My baby Jasper!
This is my dog Jasper! He always jumps on top of me when I'm relaxing and basically pushes me of off my seat..I love coming home and seeing him.

This was when I fed the fish today. Not very interesting, but this picture is partly to remind me to feed them once a day because normally I forget. My dad built/made this pond himself, although I've always said it should be turned into a hot tub!

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dorothy Perkins are currently offering 20% discount on everything - except sale items - this weekend. You can also get a further 20% off by using the code DPCLOSER25 taken from Closer magazine. Altogether this is 20% off! The first 20% is automatically applied at the check out, and simply enter the code upon check out to get the further 20% discount.

Don't forget you can also get cashback! You can receive 5% cashback at Quidco, 10 piggypoints per £1 at Pigsback and 5.05% cashback at Topcashback!

Happy shopping!

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spotty Platform Courts, £29.99, New Look

How gorgeous are these? They are incredibly vintage and sexy - I absolutely adore them. I think these shoes will really add a twist to any outfit, especially if you like to stand out. A summer dress in a coral shade like the spots would match perfectly. For a night out, dress all in white and let the shoes do the talking!

Soul Cal Deluxw Cricket Cardigan, £29.99, Republic

The preppy look isn't for everyone, but for those of you who want to try it, then this cute girly cardigan is the way to do it. The colours mean it doubles up as nautical too so its definitely on trend. To really complete the look, dress down with jeans and add converse trainers! If you're feeling really bold, a bright block colour t-shirt in pink, orange or green would look great underneath. 

White Cherry Print Scarf, £12.00, Dorothy Perkins

Brighten up any dull outfit with this bright, eye catching scarf. If you're having an off day, add this to your look for some added oomph. This fruity buy is perfect as its a staple piece that can be worn time and time again. Try wearing it as a headband, or even as a belt added to an otherwise plain white dress/outfit.

Allover Rip Long Knit Casual Top, £12.99, Miss Rebel

It may not be summery (though to be fair, has the weather been anything but rainy this week?) but I have fallen in love with this top. Channel your inner rock chick and purchase this oversized top for that sexy punk look. Wear it best with bracelets piled up on the arms, skinny jeans and biker boots or converse. If you want a more festival look, try it over hot pants! Don't be shy with the eyeliner either!

Daisy Stud Earring, £5.00, Rare Fashion

I love these really cute, girly earrings as I feel that not only are they summery, they are also very vintage. Oversized earrings are always in fashion and these earrings are the perfect transition from small studs to big earrings. Wear these with your hair piled up high in a messy bun to muse that perfect vintage look and show them off.

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week of 6th - 12th June 2011

My last ever piece of university work being handed in!
After three years of university (and a whole lifetime of education) I am finally done. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this! These past few weeks have been stressy, with rushing to finish my dissertation then having it referred because it wasn't in on time (the day it was due in I had to take my ex to hospital!). But finally, my tutor(s) changed their mind and now it is all handed in with as many marks as it receives. Summing up, I don't think I could have gotten as much out of university as I could have and the fact that I have survived the past three years away from home will make me happier then whatever grade I get. I'm also glad I've made my family proud.
But anyway, thats 'Inspire Magazine!' (which will hopefully be published to you all one day soon!)

My Soap & Glory goodies!
Now that I've finished uni, my week has been spent doing two things (relaxing and work) as you'll see over the next few pictures. I got this box a while ago but now that I've got more time on my hands I can finally put it to good use. So far my favourite products are the slimming gel, the face mask and the lipgloss!

What you may find in the bathroom when I take a bath
It's a running joke in my house about how people always know it's me taking a bath - I go all out. I really do make it relaxing, usually with candles, books and magazines. I also decided to take in an energy drinks and some pringles (not in the actual bath) - I really am addicted.

Playing Resident Evil 4 like a typical woman!
I'm also somewhat of a gamer at heart - I love horror games - so I've been playing Resident Evil this week. This is just an example of how womanly I still have to be - everything has to be organized in my attach case thing - with different areas for guns, grenades, ammo and health. Ha!

Watching 'The Futureheads' sound check - heaven!
And this is how I spent last night! At work (I work in a student bar) we had a gig on - about 5 bands - one of which who were The Futureheads, an indie band from Sunderland. I liked their songs beforehand and didn't know much about them, but now I'm a conformed fan! Last night was fun, I love going to gigs so being paid to watch these bands essentially was heaven to me. Also, the emo/indie/rocker boy crowd meant I had a lot of boys to perv on. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of old bald/balding men there, one that grabbed me and wouldn't let me go whilst I was glass collecting. I was forced to dance with an old man much to my dismay - I wouldn't have minded if it was an emo boy!

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

I've got to admit it, I'm going mad without my TOWIE fix! Therefore, I've decided to do a blog post on the style of Sam Faiers. All throughout the two series of TOWIE I found myself again and again commenting on her outfits ; from her girly chic date outfits to her classy but sexy clubbing outfits. Sam Faiers is definitely my style crush at the moment!

Here are some of my personal favourite outfits that she has worn so far.

First date with Joey Essex

I really, really love this outfit and think it was the perfect choice for a first date. Sam looks effortlessly stylish and girly with a really cute patterned dress, and cropped cream cardigan. Sam has used accessories to make the outfit less casual and more stylish with bracelets piled up on one arm, an oversized ring and more. Teamed with coral/orange nails as well and the outfit is spot on. She has also kept the makeup fairly natural with a more coral like shade of lipstick to match her nails. A messy side bun has added to the girly look. Love it!

In Minnies

Another girly outfit, this look proves that Sam can customize outfits well. Who else would be able to go out in a plain pink dress and a thin brown belt - and make it look that good? This is a bold look with knee high socks (as seen in the last photo) and school girl pigtails but with confidence it is pulled off well. Again Sam has worn a lot of accessories to add to the otherwise plain outfit  (we love the leopard bangle) and has opted for a soft lip shade with brown smokey eyes. 

An evening out with Joey

Although you can't see very well from this one picture, this much more classier look for Sam. She's sporting a full length dress, with the silver and black looking very sophisticated. I especially love her tousled curls too!

Sam has a really bold but sophisticated style - she's not afraid to try new things and I love how she spruces up the most simple of outfits by piling on accessories. Sam's style is definitely a look I'll be aiming for in future, with her girly flower patterned dresses and her many, many bracelets and bangles being personal favourites of mine!

Sorry about the picture quality/poses, the pictures were screen shots from the series on ITV Player (except for the last photo).

To follow Sam's style, you can visit the shop she owns with her sister called Minnies. Minnies is situated in Brentwood and you can find out more at the shops facebook page here.

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