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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday Wishlist - H&M Special

I've decided to do another Wednesday Wishlist special this week because H&M currently have some great discount codes available to use at the moment!

By entering the code 1304 at check out you can receive £5.00 discount, and by entering the code 9217 you can receive £10.00 discount - and you can use them together to get £15.00 off! I'm not sure how long the code is valid is for so use it while you can!

Flared Jersey top, £7.99

I really like this top as its so light and casual that it can be worn for anything whether it be working out, going out or lazing around. This top looks lovely in the photo with just some shorts and bangles, but it would really look great with anything. High waisted jeans would look really nice.

Figure-fit bodice dress, £19.99

This dress is so cute, I just love the fitted shape of it, especially the way it flares out at the bottom. It looks like a really casual day time prom dress. I think its the perfect dress to wear for a summer wedding with high wedges and lots of girly accessories. A brown statement belt would look really good with this outfit too.

Straight-style jacket, £7.49

I love this so much! I don't have many jackets but I really like this one - in fact the whole outfit goes together so well. I really love the contrast of the bright coloured shorts with the blazer - I would never have thought to pair it with such a bright colour myself. High bouffant hair and heels would push this look to a more glam level as the jacket has a very smart feel. Try adding a few funky buttons or brooches to the jacket for a much more original look.

Classic denim jacket, £19.99

Another trend I have been wary of for a while (I have nightmares about my denim fashion mishaps as a teen!), denim jackets are a lot more daunting then they seem. With so many different colours and types, it's hard to find what is best for you without looking silly! I really love this jacket though, its not your typical blue denim but is still very stylish. I think this would look lovely with most things, especially a long flowing summer dress!

Flared lace top, £7.99

This top (also available in black and beige) is so stylish right now, especially in this bright, block pink colour. This is a top that is ideal for summer but would also look good worn on a night out. Lace is so on trend at the moment, purchasing this top in beige would give you a really nice vintage look! Bright lips would suit this look.

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