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Monday, 9 May 2011

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; Choosing a venue continued

By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

Venues. Bain of my life.

We have spent the last few weeks looking for a reception venue, but where do you start?! There are so many people to please, with the food, drink, location, size etc etc. Now I know why bride’s get so stressed! And I’m not even close to the wedding!

I look to the three fountains of knowledge in my life: the wedding bible which says to create a budget and stick to it. My mother who says that to pay anything over £5,000 (the cost of hers 20 years ago!) for a wedding is an absolute crime. My vicar who says to not worry about the cost as it is the act that is important. So out of all of these pieces of advice, which do we listen to?

The answer to that, is none.

Armed with the brochures from the wedding fayres, and a long list of contact details compiled over an evening of Chinese and a (few) bottle(s) of wine, we spent an afternoon ringing venues for prices and information, and consequently, crossing them off the list one-by-one.

Our Criteria:

  1. Close to the church
  2. Car parking and accommodation close by
  3. Cheap
  4. Pretty
  5. Accessible

This seems like an impossible task.

I gave up.

Rob however, being the trooper that he is, kept searching and we, or should I say he, eventually found a little village hall at the bottom of the Wrekin. Seems to tick all of the boxes, so good so far! We weren’t really envisioning a village hall as the venue, but I’m open to suggestions, and the cheaper the wedding, the better the honeymoon!
Check back next time to see what we thought of the venue!

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  1. great guest post, and i am glad you found a venue! :)


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