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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Giveaway Winner

First of all, apologies for not doing this yesterday, I got my dates completely mixed up and have been under so much stress with uni. Thank you all for all your entires and promotion, we now have over 50 followers which is a massive achievement for me! I understand I've lacked in blogging (again) lately but after next week I have finished education forever! So this blog will be my highest priority once all that is out of the way. Anyway, thank you again, I'll announce the winner below using some screen shots of the process (I'm sure you all know how it works!)

Sorry you can't see it very well, if you click on it you will see the full picture better where I have listed everybody's entries (in the order they were commented), with extra entries for those who entered extra steps.

Here is me using the random generator.

Here is the number being announced, entry number 2! Which is...


Well done Jessica for being the winner of my first ever giveaway! I will be in contact soon! And thank you again to everyone who entered and promoted, I've had an overwhelming response of entries and I hope you all like my writing so much that you stay followers! I will be announcing another giveaway in the near future!


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