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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Thank you for being patient with me on my two week hiatus. The reason for this was because I was doing my work experience at More! magazine and was up at 6am every day, often not getting home until 8pm. Come weekends when I actually had time to myself all I wanted to do was sleep and relax! And be lazy! But everything is back to normal now!

Cream Lace Cropped Vest Top, £12.99, Quiz Clothing

Although this top isn't practical for me in the slightest (I found this whilst searching for a top to go under my other top which is the same as this and raised at the front) it's still lovely! Unfortunately I have no idea what it could be worn with but its lace, its white and its lovely for summer.

F&F Tie waist floral print sundress, £18.00, Clothing At Tesco

How cute is this dress? It's adorably vintage and the floral is very in style now for the summer. The neutral colours means this dress can be worn with anything and for anything whether its for a picnic in the park, or for a summer wedding. To dress down, a cream cardigan with some chunky bangles and pumps would work, whereas high heels would dress it up.

Ditzy Bow Rope Necklace, £10.00, Accessorize 

So colourful and playful, this necklace is a must have. I am a fan of bows alone anyway but this necklace will really remind anyone of their childhood! Wear it to give any outfit a cute or quirky edge and match it with an adorable hair bow to really complete the look.

Garden Party Charm Bracelet, £16.00, Accessorize 

If you're moving on from the Alice in Wonderland craze at last but still can't pull yourself away from crazy garden party dreams then this bracelet is for you. Very girly and very chic. This would look ideal with a plain white summer dress and is especially to be worn at any upcoming garden parties!

Vienna Babydoll and Brief, £45.00, La Senza

I was going to refrain from posting underwear on here but I keep spotting this and it's just so sexy! I love how the cream contrasting against the silk chocolate brown gives it a very vintage but sophisticated look. £45.00 may seem a bit much (but it's worth it!) so maybe get your man to treat you (or rather, himself, with this) for Easter!

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