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Monday, 25 April 2011

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; Wedding Fayres

By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

Let’s talk about the things in life that really matter: free food, free wine and FREEBIES! If you, dear reader, are like myself and enjoy a taste of the freebies, take yourself (and your other half if you really want to share) off to a wedding fayre.

I must admit that I was hesitant at first. Why should I spend my valuable, and often, scarce, free Sunday afternoon trawling around what is essentially a marketplace, being haggled with? Let me tell you that I’m so glad I let my, usually placid, fiancĂ© bully me into it. He didn’t give much away, but when we drove down the long, sprawling, tree-lined drive in the countryside, I was impressed. Add to it a large stately home, wine and free cake, I was sold.

Other than being accosted at the front door for your name, bank details and family medical history, you’re left to wonder around these sumptuous places and enjoy a few minutes of the high life at the expensive bar or in the ballroom. Being me, I get chatting to the nice ladies who want my money for decorations, cakes, favours, invites, table linen.... they’re all extremely helpful, but you can’t help thinking they have an ulterior motive.

After a happy couple of hours sitting in the wonderful classic cars, looking through pictures of beautiful cupcakes and tiered masterpieces and being congratulated just for being the wonderful couple we are, we left with information overload but feeling strangely satisfied. Why doesn’t my wedding bible mention the wedding fayres?! Of course, I rebelled and completely forgot to ask those all important ‘key questions’ the bible insists I answer to have the perfect wedding, but you know what...? Who cares!

The one question still remains, however.... when’s the next wedding fayre?!!!

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding by the future Mrs Burke

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