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Monday, 18 April 2011

Product Review ; L'Orêal Paris Infallible Brush Foundation

L'Orêal Paris Infallible Brush Foundation, £9.99, available from Boots, Superdrug and other popular retailers.

I have been after a new foundation for ages and when I came across this hidden gem at my work experience's fashion and beauty sale for less then a pound, I decided to give it a go.

This product is available in six different shades depending on the colour of your skin and luckily the only colour they had at this sale was 015 - Porcelain which is the palest. This was perfect for me as I am naturally pale anyway! At £9.99 as well I thought it was a fair price to pay (I know I didn't pay full price but I will when this runs out and I need it again!) for a decent foundation that works so well.

This foundation is a little bit different from other foundations in that you apply it with a brush attached to the applicator - rotating it to get the foundation out. This meant that as you applied it did look a little painted on and streaky even when you rubbed it all in, but I found that after a few minutes this all disappeared on its own and left my skin with an even coverage. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and was a perfect base for the rest of my makeup. With this product on I didn't even have to use additional cover up or powder as using it alone make my skin look great.

This foundation also lasted a lot longer then any other products I have tried - all day pretty much! It didn't look piled on or too heavy at all and covered up any blemishes perfectly. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone!

It's good for value, its easy to apply and it really brightens up your face too giving it a healthy glow.


  1. I bought this just today! I got it in the honey color and can't wait to do my whole make-up with is tomorrow. Must post up a review once I'm done. Could you please tell me about your work experience at More? I am dying for that kind of opportunity, so I'd love to live vicariously through you if that's ok? Haha. x

  2. Off course! It was a lot of fun! It wasn't glamourous jobs like meeting celebs and swanning off to premiers but I didn't really expect to do that type of thing! It was generally helping out around the office, distributing post, running errands, I got to test some products so I will be in the magazine soon and I also got a few small things on the website. The best part was actually just feeling at home there, I can see myself being back there in five years time with an actual job hopefully! Everyone was so nice and friendly too!
    Make sure you let me know how you get on with this and send me the link to the review :) xxx


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