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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How to dress for a Date/Date Night - At The Movies

I have put together some outfit ideas using the website 'Polyvore' for a date at the Movies! I've tried to do a variety of different looks and have tried to use items that are all under £30. I think most of them are, the website uses dollars and I searched items under $50, which is equivalent to about £30 apparently. Anyway, click on the look/set to be taken to a bigger version, where you can click on any item in the set to be taken to where you can buy it, and find a list of where everything is from. But remember some items are available at a number of different places for cheaper so look around! I have also used make up ideas, the crushed makeup affect - which is so cute - obviously isn't a specific colour from a specific store (though clicking on it may take you to a shop) it's just an idea of how to do your eye makeup to go with the look.


Look One - Girly

Date Night - At The Movies

This is the girly look I have created, without going too over the top. I have tried to make it a mixture of both girly but casual by using pumps instead of heels and a mixture of both bangles and bracelets to tone the outfit down a little. I've picked a small clutch bag and some girly stud earrings. For makeup, I've picked (and would suggest) a mixture of smoky, chocolate browns for the eyes - basically smoky eyes but with much more softer tones. I've also picked brown mascara for eyelashes so you don't draw too much attention to your eyes. I've also gone with nude lips and a pinky/coral blusher, so the makeup as a whole is girly but not too 'out there'. I have also, of course, picked a French Manicure for nails!

Look Two - Rock Chic/Look with an Edge

Date Night - At The Movies

This look has a bit more of an edge to it and is for those girls who want to stand out or who want to really impress by showing off their style. I've chosen casual clothes again - a nice printed top with dark colours and black skinny fit jeans - with the choice between either black converse trainers that go with the outfit or pink converse trainers that stand out and really make the outfit 'rock chick'. Rather then using the typical deep, black smoky eyes with heavy eyeliner I've used a mix of a peach, brown and purple eyeshadows which mixed together will create a gorgeous, sultry and sexy look which is both dark and feminine. Because the eyes will be a bit heavy, I've used a very light peach blusher. For the lips I've used the new MAC Wonder Women range - which is a statement in its own - in, again, a light colour to keep attention drawn to the eyes. I've used a variety of different bangles and the earrings are quite girly to keep the outfit feminine. All in all this look is a bit different, but will definitely go down well on a date especially if you know your date loves listening to the rocky stuff! If its a bit much for you, try plain black pumps instead of the converse, a more girly shade on the nails such as coral or hot pink and tone down the eye makeup a little.

Look Three - Dressed Up/Classy
Date Night - At The Movies

This look is for the date that doesn’t end at the movies i.e. that may lead to drinks or food afterwards. This look would also be perfect for dates that aren’t at your normal cinema – instead cinemas that have bars or restaurants in them or those old cinemas that are restored to how they are in the olden days. Y’know the ones I mean, with the red curtains and candle lit tables. Anyway, onto the look.

I’ve picked a fairly plain dress which can easily be dressed up or dressed down. I haven’t chosen a necklace with it because the neckline has what is called a peter pan neckline which is what stops this dress being completely plain – it’s the bit that makes the dress interesting! So a necklace would only draw attention away from this. I’ve also chosen girly but pretty basic accessories – small stud earrings, a rose ring – all of which match the outfit. The black bracelets break the outfit up a bit so you are not drowned out in one single shade. The headband is there for the heels – you can wear the heels alone to dress the outfit up, the headband alone to dress it down, or them both together to equal the outfit out. The headband definitely stops the outfit being too OTT and if you are lucky enough to be taken to one of the oldie cinemas then you’d look the part with the headband! Again with the heels – they are a lovely neutral shade and are very girly but if you feel heels are too over the top then they can be swapped for a pair of pumps. The makeup I’ve kept very pink and basic as well, with again soft tones for the eye shadow. I’ve also picked this nice cream bag rather then a clutch bag because it can just be thrown over your shoulder if the date does continue elsewhere.

Look Three - Casual/Dressed Down/An outfit for an early showing!

Date Night - At The Movies

Finally this last look is a really casual one for a girl who wants to be comfortable and doesn’t want to look like she’s tried too hard. It’s especially good if it’s a date that’s in summer or if it’s a day date with an early showing at the cinema. I’ve picked quite casual clothes – a loose fitting t-shirt with nice detail and highwaisted shorts, which are also quite fashionable. It’s a very basic outfit. The pumps are leopard print, which spice the outfit up a little bit. Because the outfit is quite simple, I’ve used dark shades for the eye shadow and would suggest doing sexy smoky eyes with large eyelashes for this look. You can get away with this because the clothes are so simple. I’ve picked a pinky shade for lipstick as well, something that doesn’t clash too much with the eyes but also has a bit of colour, and again a coral blusher. For nails I’ve chosen a nice, girly pink that will add colour to the outfit along with the accessories. The large flowery bangle is bright and colourful and just the one dresses up the outfit without having to wear loads. I’ve picked chic earings and rings – you can see for yourself in the photos. I would also suggest earings that hang down as well rather then studs to give the outfit a little ‘oomph!’ Finally a cute chic clutch that matches the rings!

Well, that concludes my post on how to dress for a date. I've tried to do four original looks that are also stylish and fashionable! Let me know what you think or if you'd like to see a different style or a post about outfits for a different date (dinner, gig, clubbing...?)!


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