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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fifty Fit

'Fifty Fit' was thought up by Laura Holt at 'Through The Eyes of Laura' (click on it to go to her blog) and I heard about it through Hayley from 'Mini Diva' who blogged about it today. The general idea is that for the next 50 days a bunch of bloggers are going to try and get into shape by eating more healthy and exercising more. Then, once a week, they will blog about how they've got on. It's blogged about so that they each share support from one another which means they are more likely to succeed rather then doing it alone and noone giving them motivation! The challenge also has what is called 'Five Days' which are those Five 'off' days you can have, for example if you're feeling really unwell, or you're going out for a friends birthday and cant get out of having a few cheeky drinks!

I have decided to joint the challenge as well. I am generally happy with my body, I just personally feel that as a person I am not very fit as I don't exercise and I don't eat healthy. I'm one of those lucky people who rarely put on weight due to junk food, but this doesn't mean that I'm healthy. I am also going through a break up at the moment, so already I have tons of 'self improvement' motivation. I have wanted to get more toned for a while now and with this break up taking place and the Fifty Fit challenge, I have no reason not to!

The only thing I am going to be doing a bit differently is the eating healthy part. So, rather then swapping my favourite meals for healthier options such as salad or fruit, I will be trying to eat in proportion. This means no snacking, and having a full three meals a day. I struggle to do this because my sleeping patterns are all over the place and, I know it's not really an excuse, but I'm a student! When it comes to main meals I always try to balance things out anyway for example by having chicken, wedges and spaghetti which is more healthy then just a tube of pringles (which, shamelessly, I had for dinner yesterday. In fact, other then 3/4's of a bacon and sausage buttie, that's all I ate all day!). So I will be trying to eat healthier in that sense. I still believe its eating healthy because it's much more healthy then skipping breakfast and snacking most of the day which is what I do now.

Additionally, on the subject of food, I may choose to have a takeaway once a week or a 'treat myself' dinner once a week, as I find this motivates me more!

Fifty Fit beings today (which is perfect because I did a brief work out today before I even heard of Fifty Fit!) and will end on 29th April. 

If anyone else would like to join, let me know and visit Laura's blog to be added to the challenge. Good luck everyone!

To begin with today I have not eaten at all yet (oops, I will have a bowl of rice crispies in a minute though), I've drunk a whole glass of water (I'll be trying to drink lots of water to be more healthy in the future) and I did 25 minutes work out on my 'Wii Fitness Coach' game, which, if I remember rightly and if it is correct, means I lost 30 odd calories today. Come tomorrow, now that I have actually heard of the challenge, I will be trying to eat healthier.

As of next week, I will update on a Friday as it sounds better 'Fifty Fit Friday' see!

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