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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Lilliana Stud Embellished Chiffon Style Dress In Mocha, £28.99, Missguided

This gorgeous dress is so lovely! I love how the shape and style is plain but the embellishments make it more 'wow'! I like how its the type of dress you can wear in so many different ways ; by itself and some wedges in the summer, with thick tights in winter, you can drape yourself in lots of accessories with it for a more classy look..I'd wear it with a soft brown eyeshadow, nude lips and peach cheeks, or with red lipstick as you'd have to be careful to make sure the colour doesn't drown you out.

The dress is also available in a few other colours such as hot pink (which I'm also considering) but I think purchasing the dress in this mocha colour is ideal as I will get more use out of it!

Crazy Peony Floral Indian Clip Frame Purse, £9.00, Accessorize 

I recently put together an article on bags for a website I've began writing for and featured this very cute chic purse! It's so cute! The purse I have at the moment is a large one that stores all my cards and money etc but I'd really like a mini purse like this just for my coins. The bow detail with the little heart is my favourite part of the purse but I'd be worried about it falling off!

Mariota Belted Chino Trousers in Grey, £18.99, Missguided

Over the easter half term I'll be doing work experience with More! magazine for two weeks, so I've been keeping an eye out for some items that are both smart and fashionable at the same time. These panelled trousers are both. I love the grey/slightly brown shade and would wear these with a white blouse and just pumps - though heels would look better as you can see in this photo! These are a bit different from normal work trousers as they are taken up at the bottom and much more fitted which is what gives them the fashionable edge and off course the fact that you wear heels with them. The belt will also break up any outfit a bit.

Nail Rock Pink Leopard Print Nail Wraps, £6.50, Topshop 

If you haven't already noticed, girls are starting to become very experimental with their nails and nail art. I, personally, don't have the patience to do art on my nails myself (no matter how easy it looks, I would no doubt give up after two tries, go off in a huff and never attempt to do it again - like everything else!) so I've been eyeing up nail wraps! The design above is very out there and I would probably restrict it for a special occasion or a big night out, but I think it's quite quirky and I adore quirky things. However, I have seen similar nail wrap designs in the pound store so I might have a gander in there first before I shell out £6.50 on something I'm not sure I'd have the guts to wear!
Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Lotion 30ml, £12.26, Boots

I'm not really into spending loads of money on lotions and potions for my skin as I'm always wary about whether or not they'll work. But I love Soap and Glory - its cute, retro and smells nice, so I'm considering this. I always have really dull skin and I have never, ever had enough sleep. Add this to the fact that I'm fairly pale then you can imagine why I'd maybe need some sort of lotion to make a difference to my skin, even to just make it healthy! This product is described as 'A blast of balance for tired skin. An instant visual flaw-softening lotion  with long-wearing LIGHTSCRAMBLE'. It sounds like it does the job?! 

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