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Monday, 21 February 2011

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; And so, it starts!

By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

And so, it starts!

So it has been two weeks, 3 wedding fayres and numerous expensive bridal magazines since we last met. Doesn’t time fly when you’re wedding planning?!

After announcing our engagement, the first thing I dragged myself out to do, is buy one of those planning books / bibles / novels essential for the perfect day. After much deliberation, a mini domestic and a half hour consultation with the poor employee unlucky enough to ask us whether we needed any help, we bought “The Wedding Planner” by You&Your Wedding (ISBN 978-0-572-03345-3). I felt this was a positive start: this is not just a wedding planner it is the wedding planner! So, armed with my new tool to success and the perfectly planned wedding, I headed straight to Starbucks, a caramel latte, and double choc chip muffin.

Re-fuelled and raring to plan, we opened the bible to:

Chapter 1: First Things First. Good so far!
Answer these questions and your perfect wedding is just around the corner. Even better, off we go!

Question 1: what is your dream? Ok, forget the damn book, we’re hiring a real wedding planner!

After stropping for a while and blaming all and sundry for my lack of wedding know-how, I manned up, flicked through the rest of the book, and gleaned that the first thing to do is to make a list: a list of important things, not-so important things, and not-important-at-all things. Easy peasy. Another caramel latte, double choc chip muffin (I’m going to get so fat!) and mini domestic later, my creation, with help from my bible, was complete.

The list now scares me.

Why does nobody tell you that there is so much choice?! Buffet, or 3 course meal. Hotel or a village hall. Registrar, or a church. Welcome drinks, or cocktail hour.

So, armed with the list which tells me the first thing to do is choose the bridal party and groomsmen, Rob and I set out to do the impossible: signal out our best friends from our not so best friends. How on earth do we do this?!

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding by the future Mrs Burke

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