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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

This is my Wednesday Wishlist...aka what I'd love to buy/do this week if I was rich!

Firstly, this gorgeous bag from River Island.

Black Floral Print Bag,  £44.99, River Island

This bag was recently discussed on the More! magazine Facebook fan page, and I immediately fell in love with it. I've been eyeing it up ever since and decided it would be an ideal new bag for me to use for University, as my previous bags have broken by putting too much in them. Technically, this isn't a wish list, as after much thought (mainly about the price tag!) I purchased it last night. But until it's arrived, it's not mine yet so its still a wish until it is in my hands and holding all my handbag necessities! 

Brown Edge to Edge Button Cardigan, £32.99, River Island

I've also got my eye on this cute, casual cardigan which I'm convinced will go with everything in my wardrobe (including my black floral print bag when it arrives *drool*). I used to live in oversized hoodies until I decided last year my style needed a revamp and I began my love affair with chic, girly cardigans. My most favourite is a long, pale blue/grey cardigan that I wear with EVERYTHING, so it's definitely time to buy a new one that will add a bit of colour, which is why I want this one.

Luxury Bead Bracelet, £12.00, Accssorize

Despite absolutely adoring oversized bracelets like this, I really don't have enough bracelets full stop! I have a never ending supply of necklaces, earrings and rings, but bracelets I could definitely do more off! I'd love a bracelet like this that could spruce up any outfit. Because the beads are so big it would mean that no matter how casual the outfit is, I could just add this bracelet to make it a little bit more classy and I wouldn't need to add other accessories. I'm just trying to justify the price tag again, thats all...!

Walkers Sensations Roasted Chicken & Thyme Crisps, price and location unknown!

Now, I know this isn't a fashion or clothes item (I didn't exactly state what my Wednesday Wishlist's would be about!) but I'm really craving these! I haven't had these crisps in so long now, despite being my favourite flavour, because for some reason nowhere stocks them anymore! I cannot find them anywhere, so please, if you live in the North East and see them on sale anywhere, tell me! They are definitely still distributed as I sadly emailed Walkers to ask (and hoped they'd send me free packets, but they sadly they didn't) but wherever I go they are out of stock. I am distraught.

Foot Spa Treatment, Prices beginning at £10 for 15 minutes, for more information

Yes, what you see is what actually happens in this one of a kind foot treatment. This recent sensation has been very popular all over the country for months now (with celebrities even having a go!) and I've been hoping to try it out for a while now. But, despite trying to book myself in for an appointment recently, they were fully booked until closing time! The foot spa treatment is basically where you stick your feet in a bowl/tub full of these 'Garra Rufa' fish where they then proceed to nibble off all your unhealthy or dead skin. Lovely. As weird as it sounds, those who have had it done swear their feet feel amazing for weeks afterwards and that the fish only tickle ever so slightly! I'm hoping to book myself in for a try next time I'm near a shop but if not, I wonder if I just stick my feet in my fishpond at home will get me the same response...?


  1. i love love love love LOVE that bag!!! i think i might have to get it soon lol and that bracelet is gorgeous too xx

  2. It's cute isn't it! One of the girls who mentioned it on More said she fitted loads in it, all her Uni work, even her lunchbox so I thought it would be ideal for me because mine always break by putting too much in!
    The bracelet is really nice too, I'll be looking in Primark for a cheaper version though haha
    Thanks for commenting :)


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