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Monday, 24 January 2011

Say hello to our first guest blogger!

Yes, despite the fact that this blog is still rather new, we do have a guest blogger (because obviously you can't put up with listening to my boring rambles all the time!)

So, her name is Laura Lowe and her blog/feature is called 'The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; as told by the future Mrs Burke'. If you want to read about a real bride and hear about the nitty gritty truth of planning a wedding step by step then this blog is for you! Laura isn't your typical bride as she didn't even want to get married until, well, recently obviously but her upbeat writing manner means you won't be able to stop reading as you find out what its really like! You can read her feature in two ways.

One, would be by clicking the link to the right of this page, beneath where it says 'Other Pages'. On this page you will find her own personal profile page which won't be posted on here, so I would head on over now if I were you to have a gander! All her blogs will also be archived there.

Each blog she writes will also be posted here on the homepage as it is written.

So to conclude, you can read her profile/blog archive here The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; as told by the future Mrs Burke or by clicking on the link on the sidebar down the right hand side of the blog.

And this is her first post. Enjoy!

Notes from a reluctant bride

Have you ever met those women who say that they have had their dream wedding planned in the minutest detail from when they were just girls? They gush about the proposal and the engagement party, then Vera Wang dress, the white roses, the string quartet...

I was never one of those girls.

In actual fact, I never thought I would get married. I always assumed I would end up a cat lady; old, grizzled and yelling at the kids who came to rescue the football from the front garden. It seems, however, that this was not to be.

I spent a good portion of my teens looking for “The One”, and inevitably failing. After a couple of disasters, after which I promised myself I would forget about men entirely, Rob appeared on the scene. Let me describe the bizarre coupling that the outside world must see: Me, an independent, individual woman who is bossy, domineering and very fragile, meets Rob, a soft, gentle man who is calm, quiet and extremely caring. My mum couldn’t believe it when he didn’t run away screaming.

When Rob proposed in Sept. 2010, I am happy to admit that I was shocked. This rather handsome, albeit perhaps foolish, man was on one knee, at the bottom of a waterfall, asking me to be his forever. Romantic? Yes. A moment we shall recount for many years? Yes. Crazy? Absolutely!

Once I’d pulled myself out of the stunned silence, I said yes. And then I waited expectantly. This is the moment where most of those little girls imagine the huge diamond to be produced with a flourish, and I must admit, I threw him a questioning look at this point, wondering what was going to seal the deal. It transpired, after hastily getting up from the mud, that he didn’t want to pick a ring because he chickened out of buying a ring in case I didn’t like it. A wise decision. I spent the next four hours wondering around the city, visiting the jewellers and forgetting which rings were sold where. I did eventually choose – much to the relief of my very patient fiancĂ©, and then proudly wearing my shiny new ring, we retired to the bar to discuss how best to break this momentous news to our parents...

Coming next: the aftermath.

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