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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Look Of The Week - Date Night Down The Pub

'Look Of The Week'

There are many different variations of these such as 'Outfit Of The Day' and 'What I wore today' but mine is '..of the week' so to say because I don't think I'm simply fashionable enough to have an original, stylsh outfit to post up everyday of the week! Also, I'm choosing to focus on the look as well as the outfit which means the makeup, jewelry and hair will be taken into consideration.

Look One - Date Night Down The Pub

This was a look I put together to be quite casual with a bit of glam because we were going out for some food at the pub as well. So I'm wearing ;

Embellished jacket - Next (in the sale) - £25.00 down from £75.00
Paris top - Republic - £29.99
Skinny fit jeans - Primark 
Knee High Boots - Price and shop unknown as they were a gift
Silver bangle - Price and shop unknown as I knicked it from my sister hehe

I chose this look because it wasn't too casual and it wasn't too dressy. The boots dressed down the outfit a bit whereas the jacket glammed it up so the look had a good balance between the two. I wanted a white vest top go to underneath the jacket but I don't own any plain ones..I think that even though this top is printed it goes okay as it matches the boots.

I also wore these rings with the outfit

which I thought gave it a bit of an edge. (I couldn't take a picture of them all as my camera is terrible and anything close up comes out blurry).

Makeup wise, though you can't really tell in the picture, I wore the smokey eyed look with a faint pink blush and a light base of red lipgloss. I also just straightened my hair and didn't use any product except for a little bit of my boyfriends styling gel to help smooth down my fringe.

Well, there you go, my look of the week!

P.S Please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear some opinions!

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