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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year everyone! This is just a quick post to say whatever you're doing I hope you have a wonderful time, whether you're out partying, doing something special or simply sat at home, nothing beats that magical feeling when the clock strikes 12!

Here's to 2012! Live it up, party hard, smile lots and make 2012 better then 2011!

P.S I've added a poll to the sidebar and I'd really appreciate some of your votes as it's for an upcoming feature I'm planning. Please feel free to add any comments regarding your answer to this post as well! Thanks!

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

A few months ago I put together a list of 22 things I wanted to achieve before I turned 22, after I had seen many other people doing these things on their blog. Well, I turned 22 yesterday and I honestly thought I hadn't done too well with completing this list. However now that I've gone through them all again I think I've done okay!

1. Try and arrange a meal out or something fun with all my friends a few days before my birthday (it's so close to Christmas so that when I leave it until the last minute it's usually too late to get everyone together)
Done! I planned my birthday arrangements a month in advance this year with it being so close to Christmas I had to ensure everyone could afford it/didn't already have other plans. A bunch of us went out last night dressed as fairytale characters, me being Little Red Riding Hood. In addition to this, I also actually remembered to dye my roots/do my hair a few days in advance this year and got a spray tan the day before!
2. Get my first tattoo (if not before my birthday then on/for my birthday)
Not Done! But not through lack of trying! I went into the tattooist not long ago ready to book it up. I already had a design in mind, something I'd had my heart set on for years so I knew I wouldn't regret it. However it turns out the tattooist's studio was broken into and just my luck, one of the books with my design in was stolen! So I kind of regret not getting it done sooner. I thought about picking another one but nothing stood out to me and I've decided I'll probably get one designed instead. So although I didn't get one done, I'm kind of glad because I didn't want to get another design just for the sake of it and regret it later on.
3. Book or have a weekend away to somewhere like York or Blackpool
Done! I am spending a weekend away in Paris for New Years :) On top of that I am also visiting Sunderland again hopefully after Christmas and me and a few friends are planning to go to Amsterdam.
4. Try and have some fairly decent halloween plans for once
Done! Although my outfit didn't arrive in time and technically we didn't do anything on Halloween night, I went out with some friends for both Halloween/a friends birthday.
5. Start my driving lessons
Done! I have had two lessons to date and I am really enjoying them so far :)
6. Make all homemade Christmas cards for people this year
Not Done! I don't really have any excuse for this!
7. Start Christmas shopping early
Done! I ordered most gifts online last month. This must be the first year I've ever done this ha!
8. Be somewhat on my way back to being blonde
Not Done! I decided to stay brunette until at least after Christmas. However, I have started the slow process of using head & shoulders as suggested by my hairdresser so that the dark colour slowly starts to fade. Does this count?
9. Reach 100 followers on this blog
Done! Yay!
10. Sort out my love life by either going out on more dates, staying strictly single for a bit or giving things another go with the ex - no changing my mind or going from one to the other then back and fourth like I have been doing for the past 6 months. (Me? Baggage? Never!)
Done! The ex is no longer a part of my life anymore, I am also in the mindset of meeting someone new now. 
11. Make a start on writing a book
Done! You'll all hear more about this soon ;)
12. Finish my diary (I bought one after Christmas so I was writing my entries on the laptop, now I've got entries up until March written in the actual diary and entries up until now on the laptop that need writing in!)
Not Done! I'm not sure this was really achievable since I set this goal in September and had only written diary entries up until July. I barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone what was going on in my head months ago!
13. Tone up a bit/become generally more fit and healthy
Done! I got on the Zumba Fitness for the Wii a lot, lost some weight, gave up again. But then I also lost some weight over the past month or so when I oddly started eating unhealthy - missing breakfast and just snaking instead.
14. Learn to cook 
Not Done! Perhaps next year?
15. Sell my PS2 for either a PS3 or an Xbox 
Not Done! I have decided to keep my PS2 in the meantime anyway and I have plans to by an Xbox after Christmas.
16. Talk my Mum into getting me a teacup pig for my birthday/Christmas
Done! I didn't GET a teacup pig, but I definitely constantly talked and pestered her about it.
17. Either stay at home and be content spending New Years Eve with my family, or make plans well in advance and celebrate New Years Eve in a way that I won't regret
Done! Although I think my sister is more to thank for this! Paris here we come!
18. Get a kiss from my current crush
Not Done! I can't even remember who I fancied when I made this list. If it's who I think then no we didn't kiss but we almost did!
19. Start going to or getting tickets for gigs again
Not Done! Not yet anyway!
20. Try and manage a whole day in heels without taking them off
Done! Completed this task on the day of my brothers wedding.
21. Buy a decent pair of flat shoes for every day use
Done! I'm quite picky with shoes but I actually ended up with three pairs of flat shoes for every day use.
22. Treat myself to some lovely La Senza underwear
Not Done! But I did treat myself to some lovely underwear from Boux Avenue instead!

13 out of 22 isn't too bad! That's just about over half :)

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

This is just a quick post to wish all my readers and followers a merry Christmas. I won't be online much at all over the next week or two so I won't be posting. I already have some scheduled posts to go up in regards to the challenges and I might have time to pop on and do a couple of posts about what I got for Christmas and such but I really don't know.

I have my 22nd birthday on Friday! On Saturday its Christmas Eve and on Sunday it's the big day of course! Then I'll probably be too hungover/too full up to move again until New Years Eve which is when I'll be jetting off to Paris for a few days ;)

So I'd just like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have fun, eat lots, party loads and try to remember what Christmas is really about! :)


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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Week of 12th December - 18th December 2011

Mulled wine/punch!

Creepy possessed doll thing
Seriously, wtf? I saw this in TK Maxx this week and was very freaked out. It looks like its climbing out of its box, it reminds me of that weird painting Phoebe from friends made!

My wrapping actually looks alright for once!

Tree and Presents
So pretty!

This week I've been...
Reading...I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk and One Day by David Nicholls
Listening to...Michael Buble's Christmas album
Playing...Kingdom Hearts
Smelling of...Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on...Zac Efron & Shiloh Fernandez (again!)
Loving...the fact that it's almost Christmas!

This week has just been spent preparing for Christmas really - so not many photos this week! I've been mostly shopping for last minute Christmas presents but considering I bought a whole new outfit for myself yesterday I don't think I'm taking this too seriously! I'm going to have to unfortunately brave the crowds again tomorrow! I started driving lessons this week too which I'm immensely happy about. Other then that there's not much to talk about except to say I cant wait for my birthday Friday and Christmas Sunday!

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Friday, 16 December 2011

How cool is this?! I spotted it on Tumblr the other day!

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

You probably all know that I'm a huge fan of Lindsey Kelk and I am forever recommending the 'I Heart...' series to absolutely everyone. Therefore I was so excited to start reading this book that I practically finished it the day it arrived! 

I Heart Vegas obviously continues on from the last book (I Heart Paris) and is about a girly weekend away to Vegas for main character Angela, her best friend Jenny, and a new character called Sadie. But before leaving for Vegas, Angela gets some news in the form of a deportation letter, stating that as she is no longer working she has a month to leave the country. This, cued with the fact that their girly weekend away also just happens to coincide with Jenny's ex Jeff - the one that got away - is the cause for lots of drama. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend away turns into something very different.

I loved the fact that this book fitted in nicely with the travel theme - each book being based around a visit to a different popular city - but I wasn't sure what to expect. After I finished reading the last book, I couldn't think where else writer Lindsey Kelk would go with the story in that New York, Paris and Hollywood had all been covered! However of course it then dawned on me that Vegas fitted in perfectly with one of the top 'must visit' cities. Lindsey really showed this in the story and the Vegas vibe behind the characters actions and visits was really obvious. Each book so far has had it's own independent tone and this book didn't disappoint.

As always, within a few chapters in I was hooked and wondering how on earth main character Angela had gotten herself into the situations that she did. This made for very funny reading and I often found I was giggling to myself as I turned the pages. Angela is such a lovable character, I think every single reader has been able to relate to her in some way or another. She's down to earth but she's also very, very inspiring in that she is just a normal average girl who manages to transform her life around.

I particularly loved this book because it focused so much on the relationship between Angela and her hot rock star boyfriend, Alex. The other books had always touched upon their relationship, especially in the last one, but this one really explored Angela's feelings about her boyfriend and how past experiences had made her wary.

Two new characters are introduced in this book as well, one only briefly that I immediately loved and another called Sadie. I also loved Sadie's character - despite the fact that she came across as not a nice person. Her character still provided a lot of laughs and as a reader I knew that as the plot developed we would learn more about her. Jeff is also part of a few plot lines in this book as well.

Warning - this book was also very sweet! Some (but not all!) loose ends about Jenny and Jeff's relationship were tied up as well so I will say that with both extremely sweet and romantic moments as well as sad moments, tissues are needed! I bawled my eyes out at the end BOTH times I read this book!

I Heart Vegas was the perfect read for me. I was pleased that it also fitted in with its release date in that its set at Christmas time which was great. I loved how it was light hearted but also concentrated on more serious issues as well. It was an easy read, I could put it down and pick it back up and carry on reading immediately without any confusion (or turning back a few pages to remember what had happened). I loved it and I'm really looking forward to the next book called I Heart London. Unfortunately, given that this is Angela's home country, I have a sad feeling that this will be the last book :( However, I do feel that Lindsey Kelk could possibly squeeze out another book about Milan!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves chick lit or any girls that have a soft spot for rock stars ;) Any lady who is needing a bit of inspiration in her life should also give this a read!

I of course give this book 5/5 stars!

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Friday, 9 December 2011

First of all a massive thank you to all those who entered! I will be doing another giveaway in the new year for all of you who didn't win! Anyway without further ado onto the winner...

Again I used the same technique that I used for my last giveaway which was typing all the entries into a word document so that they were numbered then using to pick a random number which would be the winner.

The photos are really small so just click on them to see a bigger version!

Congratulations Aimee Bradley, you are the winner of Inspire Magazine's Christmas Giveaway! I will be in contact soon about your prize! Well done!

Thank you everyone for entering, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Just a quick post to let you all know I have appeared on Rachel's blog this week doing a small interview about my blog. You can read it here, please do check it out!

Also, I won my fourth blog award recently and I've only just had the chance to let you all know. I'm so happy! I'd like to give a massive thanks to Racheal from Island Girl Insights for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks so much!

The rules:
1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to their blog!
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Send the award to 15 other bloggers than you appreciate and let them know you've awarded them.

Seven facts:
1. Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I'd happily give up summer for it to be winter all year round!
2. I've become really addicted (again!) to the Sims Social on Facebook. I guess I just love controlling peoples lives!
3. I really love playing mini crazy golf
4. When I lived up north, one of my favourite things to do was to visit South Shields beach, normally in the evening or on a freezing cold day! For some reason I never went on a hot day like most people do!
5. I'm Cornish
6. I have a paper mache skull in my room - yes I am beyond weird awesome!

7. My birthday is 2 days before Christmas!

Fifteen blogs:
I really cannot do this, practically all my favourite blogs have already been awarded this and there are too many I love to narrow it down to just 15! However I do invite you to check out my new Favourite Blogs page. I would award every one of these blogs this award if I could!

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Week of 28th November - 4th December 2011

Polka Dot Nails
I don't think you can tell in this photo but that's a pale pink with black polka dots. These are nail stickers from Nail Ease and I've had compliments on them ALL week. Everyone keeps asking me if I did them, no, as if I could do that myself lol! 

Possibly the best show in the world! I purchased seasons 1 - 9 for the bargain price of £50! Nevermind the fact that I don't like the last season (as it's completely different with new characters) but it worked out £20 cheaper to buy the seasons 1 - 9 box set then if I'd just bought seasons 1 - 8. Anyway this is basically how I'll be spending the next few weeks, just watching Scrubs non stop haha!

My Avent Calender
Pretty cool, huh? Thanks Mum!

Our Christmas Tree
How pretty is it?! My mum does an amazing job every year of doing the tree. However, thanks to past years of seeing how stressed she gets and how snappy she gets with us, me and Dad usually tend to stay well clear when she puts it up!

Waddesdon Manor
We went to Waddesdon Manor today, which is basically this gigantic beautiful manor which was built in the Neo-Renaissance style of a French chateau for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (thank you Wikipedia!). We went for a Christmas food fayre they had on and planned to make the day off it but found upon arrival that you needed separate tickets for the tour of the house and they were sold out. It's a shame as they do up the house really lovely for Christmas but we're going to go another day. Meanwhile walking round the acres of the grounds was amazing, they were so pretty!

On the walk to the food fayre
All around the area that we were in were little fairy lights dotted everywhere - it was gorgeous and would have looked so romantic at night.

My Secret Santa Gift!
These arrived on Saturday! A MASSIVE thank you to my Secret Santa (whoever you are!) for these awesome and cute gifts! I couldn't be happier with them! Also a big thank you to Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic for arranging the Secret Santa!

This week I've been...
Watching...Scrubs & loads of Christmas films!
Reading...Christmas at Tiffany's by Karen Swan + Amy Silver's One Minute To Midnight
Listening to...Michael Buble's Christmas album
Playing...The Sims Social on Facebook
Smelling of...Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on...Dougie Poynter! Yummy!
Loving...everything and anything to do with Christmas

This week has been fun! At the start of the week I found out some bad news regarding my job ; they only offer temporary contracts and renew them each month if they decide to keep you on but unfortunately mine and my friends contracts were not renewed. I was a little sad about it as its so close to Christmas but I definitely expected it - both me and my friend have taken a lot of time off because of how demanding the hours are. Therefore it wasn't really a surprise. Luckily for me I had saved a lot of money so I have enough to tide me over until I find another job and it also means I get Christmas off! 
I've spent most of this week catching up on sleep and doing everything I could think of to do with Christmas! Today visiting Waddesdon Manor was so much fun and definitely the highlight of my week!

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dougie has won! I am so, so pleased and both surprised and not surprised at the same time. On one hand I knew he would win from the start as he's such a quirky, genuine person but on the other hand I didn't know if the public would agree so. I'm soooo happy that he's won, he really genuinely deserves it. As everyone else said, he seemed quite quiet at first but soon his antics and funny quotes were having the public in stitches! On a more personal note, seeing the way Dougie has talked about his girlfriend (who isn't famous) has effected me personally. Dougie is without a doubt a sexy indie boy rock/pop star and to see his reaction to his girlfriends letter in the jungle was really sweet! I suppose I've become a bit less cynical about relationships since watching Dougie in the jungle! And I've definitely gotten more hope into finding myself a rocker boy who plays in a band! I know, corny eh?

Well done Dougie!!

Now lets make it a double celebration and get his band mate Harry to win Strictly Come Dancing as well!

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Still can't believe I'll be spending New Years Eve here ;)

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